Semois Valley Belgium

Trailrunning training weekend at the Semois valley

The upcoming weekend we are off to Belgium for some trailrunning training. We are heading for the Semois Valley for tree days and we start with a short 10k -⇡373m on Friday, a long run 30k – ⇡1254m of climbing on Saturday and a mostly climbing run 18k -⇡1248m on Sunday. That’s the idea but we will see how many or how less distance we are going to make.

We sleep and eat at Camping***Ile de Faigneul which is centred in the middle of the Semois Valley with some great trails around it. The route of the Bouillonnante trail is also around there. The La Bouillonnante | Grand Trail de Bouillon is a yearly event which starts at the center of litle village Bouillon and crosses a big part of the Semois Valley. This event was last week, but we did not have a starting bib so we are going to run parts of the route a week later.

Next week I will let you know how the area looks like and if the weather was that bad as they had predicted.

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