Trailrunning training weekend at the Semois valley

The upcoming weekend we are off to Belgium for some trailrunning training. We are heading for the Semois Valley for tree days and we start with a short 10k -⇡373m on Friday, a long run 30k – ⇡1254m of climbing on Saturday and a mostly climbing run 18k -⇡1248m on Sunday. That’s the idea but we will see how many or how less distance we are going to make. Continue reading Trailrunning training weekend at the Semois valley

Asics Beat the Sun run around the Mt Blanc

Every year at the longest day of the year Asics is organising a relay race around the Mt blanc massif. The Asics Beat the sun race. The idea is that eight teams run against nature’s clock. They start in Chamonix and have just 15 hours, 41 minutes and 35 seconds to cover the 150km route. Every selected runner must do two relay sessions between 3k-19km across a varied terrain while crossing France, Switzerland and Italy on one day.

A few weeks ago I saw the campaign for the 2016 event. So I put my name in the sweepstake and wrote my motivation and send some pictures. A few weeks later I’ve received a message that I’m selected to be one of the last 50 candidates. Which means that I’m a semi-finalist. After this 24 people will be selected by a selection round of public vote and an expert judging panel. Continue reading Asics Beat the Sun run around the Mt Blanc

New kid on the block, on a new adventure

So there it’s is my new adventure! This will be the place where I talk about things I do. It can be running in the city to trailrunning in the mountains to hiking on a vacation to trying out new things like slacklining, bouldering and more. But I will also talk about food, cooking, nutrition at sports and about sports gadgets. So be prepared for the new kid on the block.